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The Fishery

The tidal harbors, rivers and estuaries in Southern Maine offer numerous types of structure to stalk stripers and bluefish all season long. Drifting tidal flats, sand bars and eelgrass beds offer up optimal areas to sustain many of the prey for feeding stripers and bluefish.

Fishing Season

Trips are offered from May through October.

What to Bring

To enjoy your trip to its fullest, here are a few items you may want to bring to help ensure your comfort. Please note that even during the summer, temperatures on the water can be 10-15 degrees cooler than the mainland.

  • Jackets: i.e. fleece and or windbreaker.
  • Sunscreen: waterproof spf35 at least (reflection off the water can burn you even on overcast days).
  • Sunglasses: any will do, polarized if you want to see the fish.
  • Drinks/Food: water is supplied and there is a cooler with ice for whatever you would like to eat or drink. (Please keep alcohol to a minimum.)


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Fly-fishing and light-tackle fishing for striped bass and blue fish on the tidal flats and along the rocky coast of Kennebunkport and Southern Maine.